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Kaima Beerotayim, a registered non-profit organization (amuta no. 580606960), operates according to a model of our own design based on 1) agricultural sales generated at appreciable levels through the CSA social-sales platform; 2) support from government partners; and 3) philanthropy. 


We invite you to contribute to the farm’s activities by volunteering your time, becoming a regular customer, and through financial support.

NIS tax-deductible donations

Address for sending a check

Account Name: Kaima Be’erotayim

Bank: Bank Hapoalim

Bank #:12

Branch #: 551

Account #: 385022

IBAN #: IL930125510000000385022

By check

Issue check to: Kaima Beerotayim

Send to: 39 HaAfik Street, Be’erotayim 4285000

If you donate in NIS, please contact us (at, indicating your full name, email and date of transfer so we may track your donation and send a receipt. 

USD tax-deductible donations

By credit card

Click here to follow instructions. Include notation to earmark funds to funds to Kaima Beerotayim)

By check

Issue to:  The Good People Fund (include notation to earmark funds to Kaima Beerotayim)

Send to: 384 Wyoming Avenue, Millburn, New Jersey 07041 USA

Receipt to be issued by Good People Fund (EIN #26-1887249) — a non-profit organization exempt under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue code.